Residential Art Presentation of Chicago Artists, Chicago Photographs, and History Donor Walls


My firm Friedman Fine Art has been developing corporate and residential art programs in the Chicago area for the past 38 years.


Let me show you what it is that I do. I am going to start with the commercial projects. I did a project for Google. I had a local metal artist do the skyline of the city in with welded and bent metal and put in into the wall with the Google logo.


Here is a project I did for the DePaul Welcome Center where we used 636 blue pucks to create the Tree of Life and then on each one of the pucks was a photograph of some sort of campus activity. This is where parents come and DePaul tries to justify why it is costing $60.000 a year to send their kids there.


I did a project for WinTrust Financial where I had a graphic artist duplicate or replicate each one of the buildings of the Chicago Skyline with its exact architectural detail. We blew it up to 30 feet wide for a training room and then we stuck the WinTrust Corporate Headquarters in Rosemont in there to sort of adorn Chicago.


Next is a typical project that I do for corporate where I get into Chicago Photography and mounted on Plexiglass float-frames. Over these 38 years I have developed a strong focus on Chicago, art of Chicago, and Chicago Artists, and I’ve worked with IBM, Price Waterhouse, Neiman Marcus, and sort of the who’s who of Chicago corporations.


For residential I have this incredible collection of Chicago photography, both Historical and Contemporary. I am just going to go through these shots of…Navy Pier, the original Board of Trade, Michigan Avenue when it was called Pine Street, Brauer House in Lincoln Park, this is a fire truck on South Michigan Avenue, we have all of the original glass and film-plate negatives so that we can blow these things up and they are just terrific. They are taken by sort of the best photographers of the time from the 1860s to 1960s, these are kids looking over Wrigley Field in 1932 World Series, and then I have just terrific contemporary shots. Once again we have all of the negatives and we can blow them up to whatever size. Chicago is such a beautiful place to photograph because of the River and Lake and architecture.


I have a web-site called Chicago Artists (https://www.chicago-artists) where I put together what I think is the best of the Chicago Artists working today in every type of medium, splashes of color, pop-art, abstract of very beautiful landscapes, gotta have a polka-dotted elephant. Jack Nixon who did a graphite drawing of the Wrigley Building and Tribune and it took him a year to do it. Watercolors of the city and then tapestries.


I also represent artists from all of the country and all over the world doing all types of mediums from watercolors to oils, all types of subject matter, still lifes, sculptors who do both indoor and outdoor garden type, antique posters, Internationally-known, someone just recently said just find me a Neiman so I know in my 38 years I have developed sources and the contacts to go out and find the best price for a Neiman and that goes for any other artist, Warhol.


So that’s what I do, my purpose here today, my goal today was to introduce you to the art and the services that I offer, in hopes that you would recommend me to your residential clients that have just purchased a condominium or home. I’d be delighted to give a 10% of the total cost referral fee just for introducing me to the client, that’s all you need to do. I’d like you to think of it as another review stream.


Please keep in mind that I have great web-sites, I have a lot of marketing materials that are easily emailed, I can email them to you, you can email them to the client. I also put together a brochure that shows that shows the different types and styles of art that I have along with some installations.


I just do great work and I look forward to working on a project with you; thanks so much for listening!


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